OKG 57 – The blue dot consumer with Ken Hughes

In this episode of Over Klanten Gesproken I speak with Ken Hughes from Ireland. Ken is a thought leader and international keynote speaker on Retail and Shopper experience. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Ken at a Retail Conference in Belgium. We shared stories and I invited him to the podcast to share a concept him came up with: the blue dot consumer.

The blue dot consumer is a consumer that expects everything in the world to come to him, when he wants it, where he wants it. Ken will tell you all about it in this podcast. But there is way more we are talking about in this episode:

  • Generation Z and how they will turn businesses upside down;
  • Disruption by AI and other technologies;
  • Retailers and how they can survive in this technology driven world.

A view video’s Ken talked about in the episode:

Google Duplex:

See Ken’s TEDxTalk:

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